To develop car batteries, Toshiba creates partnerships

The battery is always the sticking point in most electric car manufacturing. Toshiba, Mitsubishi and Volkswagen are now working together to create a car battery that can stand up to most driving. The intention is that these Toshiba electric car batteries will help electric autos go farther, charge faster and be more economical.

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Troubles with batteries

Ever since electric cars are on the drawing board, the battery has been the big question. An electric car relies on batteries for all of its power, and those batteries are notoriously heavy, short-lived and take a long time to charge. This was solved by the battery-gas hybrid. In the push to try and have all-electric automobiles, however, the race to develop better batteries is in full swing.

Electric car batteries major players

Tesla motors is the big name in electric vehicles - and this is partially due to its battery technology. Tesla's electric roadster that goes for $109,000 has a 300 mile range, but the high price is a barrier. The Nissan electric Leaf is only $25,000, but the battery lasts for about 100 miles. Toshiba and Mitsubishi have partnered up to create a SCiB -- Super Charge ion Battery -- that could be long-lasting and relatively inexpensive. Presently, Panasonic supplies batteries to both Honda and Ford, when Hitachi supplies General Motors and NEC supplies Nissan.

Toshiba and their battery experience

The Toshiba push to create an electric car battery fits into the technology the business has long been developing. Toshiba makes motors for bullet trains, machinery, and elevators. By combining its SCiB battery technology with its engine data, the business is going to be building motors for a Ford hybrid within the next few years. Toshiba is also partnering with Mitsubishi to launch a Peugeot/Mitsubishi/Toshiba electric vehicle in Europe within the near future. Toshiba is also partnering with Volkswagen to make an all electric car.

Electric car technology is improving along with battery life. For the zero emissions vehicle market, this is good.