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Dieser Text befasst sich eingehend mit einer der wichtigsten
Fragen der Menschheit: "Wie faengt man einen Elefanten?"

Erfahrungsgemaess hat jede Berufsgruppe ihre eigene spezielle
Methode, Elefanten zu jagen. Hier sind einige der interessantesten:

Mathematiker jagen Elefanten, indem sie nach Afrika gehen, alles
entfernen, was nicht Elefant ist und ein Element der Restmenge

Erfahrene Mathematiker werden zunaechst versuchen, die Existenz
mindestens eines eindeutigen Elefanten zu beweisen, bevor sie mit
der Methode der gewoehnlichen Mathematiker als untergeordneter

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We - especially I - do think about giving away redhat.at. Not to *someone*, but to Red Hat (http://redhat.com)!
I really like the domain. I know some of you do also...

I'd be happy to receive comments if someone has to say anything Smiling

Keep watching http://redhat.at and be informed that this site will not die! It will stay online as http://linux-kernel.at and http://open-source.at (at least). Smiling

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I really need to note this in a few sentences.

If you ever encounter the problem, that you cannot establish a VPN/PPTP connection using A1 UMTS; Call them, tell them they are stupid and should deactivate the firewall.

Oh yes. You read correctly. They now have a firewall, that actually blocks the GRE protocol (outgoing).

Is this stupid? Yes. Very stupid!

Perfect service A1! Makes more problems than it helps!

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I'm trying to fix the notify... Currently the links are broken. Sorry!

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Well, posting my blog, that's true. I'm really lazy, but there are so many things going on at the moment; I'd really like to tell, but it's all confidential. Sticking out tongue

Well. We (AlphaCore team) have lost Christian Balint and Red Hat lost him as well. He was offered with a good job opportunity and took it. Since this job will make him traveling a lot and also will require him to work hard, he will not have time to do much of our AlphaCore thingy.

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It's some time ago since my last post. Bad /me. I'm really working hard on the new buildsystem for AlphaCore. Or better said for Fedora 8 Alpha.

Since Koji (the new Fedora BuildSystem) doesn't come with a good documentation, it was quite hard to setup and understand.

However, I manged it and it's now available here: http://buildsys.zero42.at/koji/.

It will stay there for now. Smiling

Some more docs on how to set it up: http://wiki.linux-kernel.at/index.php/Koji. I should really put this on Fedora Wiki Sticking out tongue

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Als Ambassador für das Fedora Projekt, hatte ich am Dienstag die Ehre Fedora am LinuxTag auf der FH Salzburg vorzustellen. Ebenfalls vertreten waren SuSE (Martin Lasarsch) und Ubuntu (Julius Block).

Die FH selbst kann ich nur weiterempfehlen. Das Gebäude ist erst etwas 2 Jahre alt und sehr morgen - außerdem bietet es reichlich Platz.

FH Salzburg - LinuxTag2007
Fedora Project Wiki
Meine Zusammenfassung auf der Ambassadors Mailingliste

Sobald ich ein paar Bilder hab' werde ich das natürlich auch hier posten.

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Nothing more to say: http://www.artlebedev.com/everything/optimus/price-compare/

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And Fedora also has me again. I'm now officially an Ambassador for Austria: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/OliverFalk.

Why? Just for fun, just because I like Fedora and just because of AlphaCore, which is based on Fedora.

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Yes, AlphaCore has me again. I reinstalled my DS10, after MikeBarnes sent me some memory. Memory is bad, so I had to buy some more on ebay. However, finally I got the machine up'n'running and now I'm reporting bugs, patching for alpha, waiting for gcc, binutils, glibc and so on to produce good rpms. Smiling

You may know, gcc takes very long to compile on a reasonable fast (x86-based) machine... It takes much longer on our good ol' Alphas. Smiling

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I had a lot of work the past days. I'm working hard to get Fedoras RPM BuildSystem (plague) up and running. As I'm some kind of version junkie, I wanted to get the latest and greatest plague. Go and get the HEAD branch I thought. It's almost working fine, after I struggled with mock and yum versions and especially SSL.

In the next few weeks/days (I'm really not sure). I'll post an URL here and let you see the buildsys.

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Cars always break if you need 'em really urgent... This day again...

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Yes, I'm still playing around with the site. Adding/Deleting modules. Checking... Drupal is nice!

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... and I'm still happy to own this domain. Sticking out tongue

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jo. my first blog entry. kewl. mail me at oliver [AT] linux [DASH] kernel [DOT] at

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